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  • HT83 Super Tank Game HT83 Super Tank Game 74034 plays Super Tank is a shooter that puts you in an atomic tank, rumbling through fictitious, decidedly areas as you blast jets out of the sky with a variety of weaponry. As you play, you'll earn power-ups that will enhance your tank's firing abilities by adding homing missiles, lasers, and so on. One of the pickups is a screen-clearing nuke that comes complete with a nice-looking mushroom cloud. Your only control is over where your tank is aiming, though the tank will move back and forth as you aim, giving you some control over dodging, though not as much as you'd like.
  • Bone Ranger Bone Ranger 15801 plays Use your flaming skull to burn the chains and defend your castle. Collect green and avoid red.
  • Battle Math Battle Math 12991 plays Defend your house from monster attack with your brain
  • Dragon Rider Dragon Rider 12445 plays Ride your dragon in the great shoot'em up game 'Dragon Rider', collect coins and stuff, change the weapons and use them to kill enemies and big bosses.
  • Liftoff 2012 Liftoff 2012 12062 plays Blast off to save the Earth! Dodge meteors and incoming space debris in order to collect enough data to upgrade your ship and explore the furthest reaches of space before an interstellar tragedy can wipe us out!
  • Ben 10 Saving Sparksville Ben 10 Saving Sparksville 11406 plays In this game Ben 10 is fighting a giant robot created by Megawatt. The robot is walking towards the hydro electric dam to power up. You must destroy it before it succeeds. Ben 10 has converted into Heatblast for this purpose. Heatblast is flying on some sort of board and shooting fireballs to the robot. The robot picks up cars and throws them towards Ben 10. Your goal is to avoid these cars and to hit the robot with fire balls.
  • Cargo Fire Truck Cargo Fire Truck 11288 plays Cargo Fire Truck In this Cargo Fire Truck game you have to drive a big truck. Deliver the cargo to the other factory as quickly as you can. Make sure the cargo does not fall off. A fun kids game you can play for free. Drive safely you do not want to crash the truck.
  • Camp Fire Bon Fire Camp Fire Bon Fire 11148 plays It is cold out there and your choice of camping out with your companion is a perfect idea. The area of the land is flattened, tent is made, fire pit has been prepared and it is fired too. You are waiting for your companion and use this time to dress yourself well to have a pleasant time. Try not to get too chilly as you cozy up around the warm glow of the bonfire at night.
  • Shadow Defence Shadow Defence 10304 plays Defend against Shadow monsters with your flashlight and by building campfires
  • Frozen Imps Frozen Imps 10176 plays Get the imps into the fire so they can be unfrozen.
  • Bouncy Fire Fighters Bouncy Fire Fighters 10024 plays Help the brave fire fighters to save the people from the fire. 20 levels of pure fun with 12 bonuses, some are good, some are not...
  • 4 Way Shoot 4 Way Shoot 9979 plays An innovative defence shooter game where you can easily control 4 players at once.
  • Fireworks Kart Racing Fireworks Kart Racing 9538 plays Ready your fireworks, beat the clock and prove you're the fastest panda on wheels!
  • Mecharon 2: Survival Mecharon 2: Survival 9444 plays This top down shooting game is a remake of the original. The last Mecharon is out to survive. You must fight off all the waves of enemy warriors. You determine if you survive or die.
  • Supersonic Diwali Fun Supersonic Diwali Fun 9165 plays Get ready!! This is a race between the two Supersonics! Collect the firecrackers on the way and reach the destination by avoiding obstacles found in the air and surface. Oh my god! Do not hit your opponent.
  • Quick Fire Match 3 Quick Fire Match 3 9058 plays Use your speed of mind and hand in this match 3 quick fire game. How far can you progress?
  • House on fire House on fire 8796 plays You need to learn how to escape from the fire for surviving your worst nightmare.
  • Colorful Sky Colorful Sky 8721 plays Make a different colors of fireworks into a beautiful rainbow.
  • Iveco Magirus Fire Trucks Iveco Magirus Fire Trucks 8669 plays Select the correct fire trucks for the job and get to the scene of the accident as soon as possible, make sure you save all of the victims.
  • Corpses Of The III Reich Corpses Of The III Reich 8534 plays Amazing horror platform game. Read the instructions before playing. Everything that moves other than vanity is a potencial enemy and if so, they are just an obstacle in your templar quest of destroying evil.Although the evil army is growing in strength, there will still be time to get familiar with all your skills.
  • Dracojan Skies Acolytes - Alpha Version Dracojan Skies Acolytes - Alpha Version 8208 plays Another threat has come to your planet! Pilot your ship and prepare to defend your planet
  • Flame Puppy Flame Puppy 8206 plays Winner of the 2009 I Got Game Contest! FlamePuppy loves people, but makes firey messes. Help him through a life of setting the stuffs on the fires!
  • Fireboy & Watergirl ep. 3 Fireboy & Watergirl ep. 3 8196 plays In the platform puzzle game Fireboy & Watergirl: The Forest Temple III you need to make use of teamwork to collect the diamonds and reach the exit point of each level. This is the third installment of the popular game series.
  • Fire And Ice Fire And Ice 8130 plays The Fire and Ice plošinovce accept the identity of an inconsistent man , as it combines the element of fire and ice . Probíjejte the gaming world and collect gold coins , which will increase your score . Destruction of your opponents can be achieved in two ways - either zlolajníka train the icy balls of fire or flame , depending on which elements of your character just as prevalent , or hostile monster once and for all locks of the fight by jumping on her head .
  • Fireballs Fireballs 8087 plays Guide your fireball through a course of weaves and turns.
  • Faerie Fire - Spot the Diff... Faerie Fire - Spot the Diff... 7986 plays Find the five differences between the two pictures. Good art work, relaxing effect.Click on the 5 things you find different between the two images to advance to the next level.
  • Dragon Fable: Fire Spawn Dragon Fable: Fire Spawn 7930 plays Dodge obstacles and dragon attacks. Fire arrows at the dragon to defeat it.
  • Firework Battle Firework Battle 7845 plays Tommy has found some fireworks! Help him fire them at the pesky kids across the street!

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